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We are happy to welcome you on our website for Showdogs and Promising Puppies for Show and Breeding.

White Star of Eternity was just founded in 2009 but the last 6 year constantly success shows that we are not only in Germany one of the leading kennels at Dogshows. Making right choices and giving our puppies the right training makes our Maltese very successful at Shows everywhere in the world. You can have a look at our News Site “Milestones” and below on this page seeing our offsprings and their big wins. Being constantly winning with our dogs shows that they are very near to the breed standard. Furthermore our dogs have exceptional characters because they are growing in our family. 

But not only the dogs remaining in our kennel are well known and highly respected, also the White Stars in other countries are gaining stunning results as “Best Maltese of the country”, winning one “Best in Show” after another and impressing judges like no others.




Promising Puppy or Junior Dog

We do sell puppies in the age of 12-15 weeks as “Promising Puppies” for Show and Breeding but our experience pointed out that it is better to buy a Junior Dog, The advantages are clear. If you buy a Junior Dog, he is trained at the table and lead already. Of course in this age you can tell much more about a showy character which is very important to have the dog free and fearless in the Showring. A Maltese with 6 months is almost ready grown up so you can see final anatomy and weight. Last but not least a Junior Dog has his adult teeth in which should be a 6/6 scissor bite. The risk from changing baby teeth to adult teeth is ours. These advantages are more reasonable compared to the higher price for a ready teethed Showdog.




We are offering exclusively our puppy buyers best possible support and mentoring after buying a White Star. Product unbound Workshops and Grooming Seminars  to individual Coachings and advice via Facebook. We will not leave you alone and help you on your personal path to the stars.




The transportation of our puppies abroad is routine for us. We discuss with you the best options how to bring your little star to your home safely and comfortably . We work with reliable agents that bring the puppy in the plane cabin to the airport of destination. We also work together with the Petair GmbH, the leading transport company for the transportation of pets. We fulfill the corresponding valid entry regulations of the countries and are arranging the whole travel together with you.

We live near the Frankfurt airport. The so-called “Air Cargo” is Germany’s Office for reputable and comfortable pet shipping worldwide. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you to arrange everything.

Get to feel the magic from a White Star and fill out below Puppy Application. We will contact you then and we will find the perfect puppy of your dreams.


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