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About Us

Our exclusive maltese kennel is located in Ober-Ramstadt, near Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

Our kennel  is recognized and successful all over the world. We do show our dogs in many countries and constantly winning new Champion titles, Best of Breeds, Group Wins as well as Best in Shows. One of our most successful dogs is our own offspring Fendi, who thrilles judges all over the world wining amazing wins, for example he is the the first maltese ever who won Best in Show on the VDH European Winner Show, one of the biggest dog events  in Europe.

We do breed in the VDH, which is the only recognized and acting club worldwide. So we breed under most high possible rules and standards regarding health and puppy education. Also our kennel is registered at the Veterinary Office after §11 in the Animal Protecting Law from the district Darmstadt-Dieburg, means we are also State approved.

We do prefer the smaller dollish type of maltese, so we breed mostly with American lines. We bought healthy, correct and very beautiful maltese from different countries to follow our special look. That is the reason why we have exceptional beautiful babies, equipped with the most stunning bloodlines, healthy and socialized. Our puppies are grown within our family which we find very important for the future life, doesn’t matter if a pet or a showdog.

Happily we have many experienced breeder who are friends and willing to help us learning each day something new. This shows up looking at the success of our offspring at shows. We do have inquiries from all over the world for our breeding program and we sold our babies already from Finland to USA. The puppies have exceptional quality, are stunningly beautiful and are winning big in the Show rings, thrilling one Judge after another.

Our goal is to breed best possible maltese for our own breeding program. We do have a limited number of dogs to keep the quality. This is the reason we do have from time to time wonderful puppies, which we trust in best pet or showhands.

If you are interested in one of our puppies don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or phone. You are also welcome to follow us in Facebook and stay “Up-to-Date” 

The Crew

Etienne Scheffczyk

Photographer and Co Handler

Our son Etienne is supporting us on Shows. He is taking pictures and is helping us sometimes with showing dogs. He loves playing with the puppies and we adore his sensitivety.


Our Mascot

Shu Shu is our sweet mascot. He is really small his full weight is 3,5 lbs. We don’t use him for our breeding program but this incredible face stole our hearts so we decided to keep him as our mascot and pet.

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