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We are happy to welcome you on our Puppy Site.

We want to introduce you to our kennel, to let you know how our puppies are growing up and all about their daily life and development.


Our breeding dogs are out of the most famous and most healthy lines from all over the world. Before they are bred they are shown at several Dogshows and you can tell from there they are pretty and very alike the breed standard. A very important aspect for us is the health so we are giving our dogs only the very best biological food, nutritition and of course fitting ingredients for every dog’s need for example pregnancy and nursing bitches. Also we try to give our dogs only the best from the best (beds from biological cotton to provide pollution). Our dogs are living within our family, each of them are family members. This naturally involves additional expense during pregnancy, birth and puppy raising.


Our Puppies are born

To create our dogs during the period of gestation and birth and rearing of pups optimal conditions, we regulary take part in trainings and seminars to be up to date. We are in constant contact with veterinarians, breed wardens and experts who are guiding us. For our bitches we create in those important moments a quiet and harmonious atmosphere, so we play soothing music at birth and light candles. We want our darlings to be supported mentally to ensure smooth birth processes.

Toy breeds, including the Maltese, have very less puppies, 1-3 pups on average. Since then the effort is significantly higher than the result, the prices of our little treasures are of course higher and are not to be mixed up with cheap Maltese of puppy mills, since the entire rearing of such tiny babies is meeting totally different criterias and highest standards, so that we are able to offer such dream babies.



First Steps

Our puppies are not kept in separate rooms or extensions, they grow up in the middle of our house and family. From the beginning they get the best socialization, which is so neccessary for a puppy. Playing with my son, everyday noises such as vacuum cleaner and television is how they get such important things like day-night rhythm and housebreaking taught from the very first second. Of course, this means more work and responsibility, however, we see this kind of socialization as our breeding responsibility. So our puppies have contact to people from the very beginning because we play with them and cuddle them. Every day they are combed and brushed, bottoms are washed if neccessary, the small nails are cut and the little faces are cleaned. This is our daily life with the little White Stars and we enjoy every second of it


Discovering the world

Even daily playing in the garden is part of our everyday work. Here we offer the puppies with various games a lot of variety and fun. Whether ballpool, pool, playhouse or tunnel, the little ones can not get enough of it.



Moving into the new homes

We breed in the VDH under the globally recognized FCI. So you get a dog that had the highest possible and most standardized health controls. All our puppies have a pedigree of VDH / FCI, which is recognized all over the world.

The moving of our babies happen from 10 to 12 weeks of age. Then they are already provided with a microchip for identification, they are dewormed regularly and have already received the basic immunization. They were repeatedly presented to the veterinarian or the breed warden to control their health and all informations are documented for our Maltese Club. The EU pet passport for travel abroad is part of our standard equipment.

Of course, you also get a starter package with the food the puppy is used to, blanket, toy and first grooming products. You are also taught how to groom the baby including the eye care to prevent tear staining.

My aim is to give you a highest possible guarantee for a happy, satisfied and especially healthy dog. Your dog will accompany a large part of your life and we are aware of this big responsibility.


In the new home

After taking our puppy into the new homes we assist our puppy buyers with advice and practical help, since you are now a member of the “White Star Family”. We can be reached via social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Co and do not leave you alone.

We also give Grooming workshops, just talk to us and we make an appointment.

Here you can see some pictures of our Maltese in their new home. We are pleased to welcome you in our family soon.


Why choosing a White Star

“A healthy dog is not expensive-it is priceless”
Before giving our babies into their new homes they are full vaccinated, often clinically examined, dewormed and microchipped.

Our puppies are not to be mixed up with cheap Maltese of puppy mills, since the entire rearing goes after completely different criterias and after highest standards. Also the purchase price of the Champion parents are correspondingly high, so we are able to offer such quality puppies.
We have bought the elite of Maltese from around the world (Korea, America, etc) and imported them to Germany. We showed our dogs in several countries to Multi Champions, Cruft Winner and BIS Champions and that is how our kennel is known and admired worldwide.
This is also the reason why we can offer original American and Korean connections. Maltese with incredible doll faces, which combine the best bloodlines and are healthy and well socialized. We can guarantee mentally strong puppies who enjoyed a beautiful puppyhood. 


Also our kennel is approved by the veterinary authorities of the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg to $ 11Tierschutzgesetz and therefore recognized and certificated by the state. Only this way you can be sure that your puppies were kept humanely and also behind the scenes everything is done for the welfare of the dogs.

White Star of Eternity is breeding under the hard rules of the VDH/FCI and only here you get a pedigree that has a value. In Germany you can start already with 3 people a club and this is the reason why a lot of self-proclaimed clubs also advertise puppies with pedigrees, but they are worth nothing. So please inform yourself before buying a puppy and visit the kennel. Look how and where the puppies grow up, how is the hygiene and cleanliness, and last but not least whether the chemistry is right between you and the breeder, if he/she is willing to help you at any time after purchase and give you advice and practical help.

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